The Stolen Golden Toilet

America was stolen !!

The Stolen Golden Toilet

It might sound like a  joke, but far from it. On the 14th September 2019 a Golden Toile was stolen from Blenheim Palace in the UK.

The story goes like this >> Famed Italian Artist Maurizo Cattellan designed an 18 Karat Gold Toilet, that was fully worked.

When he designed it he called it “America” as he was making staement against modern society.

It was a piece of Art.

He displayed it in New Yorks Guggenheim Museum.

A lot of dram surrounded this piece of art but eventually it came to be on display in the UK at Blenheim Palace in 2019.

It was plumbed in a room where it was available to members of the public to use. A security guard was placed outside while you did.

A large number of people managed to avail of this luxurious Gold Toilet.

How ever in the early hours of the 14th September it was stolen.

Over the course of the investigation several people where arreseted and quizzed, yet no one has been charged with it yet.

The value of this Golden Toilet has been put at over £4 pounds.

So who took it and where is it now?

Well we dont know who took it and the invbestigation is still ongoing.

Where it is now, most likely melted and back in the open market.

However I would like to think that it was by an Art Thief who just liked the idea of having a Golden Toilet and one day it will be spotted in some little terraced hosue in the UK.

I hope who ever took it also got the Golden Toilet Roll !!!

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