Gold Investment Advice

If you are seeking advice on How to Buy Gold or Silver Bullion in Ireland or from around the World, for either personal or investment purposes, please feel free to send us an email with your inquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Gold, Silver and precious Metals is our business so we are always happy to offer support and advice to both Private and Institutional investors.

We can go through your requirements and long term goals of your investment.

Depending on the size of an investor you are we offer the following advice.

No matter what size of an Investor you are, investing in precious metals such as Gold and Silver Bullion is for the long term. It is not a short term investment rather a long term investment against inflation and other factors that can have an adverse effect on the economy, where especially Gold has maintained a value and grown in value with inflation.

Most investment managers suggest that 10% of ones investment portfolio should consist of precious metals.

So if you are a large institutional investor, we always advise buying the larger Gold and Silver bars such as the kilo bars as these represent the best value. If you are institution wishing to invest in Gold, we are available to discuss your requirements and goals.

For smaller investors we suggest that you invest in smaller Gold and Silver bars as in a situation where by you need to sell your Gold Bullion / Gold Bars, you can sell a portion of your portfolio rather than all of it. If you are new to investing in Gold or Silver and want advice before doing so, please give us a call Contact Us – Gold Bullion Ireland

We stock a full range of Gold Bars and a growing Silver Bars in Dublin from 1 Gram Gold Bars up to 1 Kilo Gold and Silver Bars. Buy Gold Bullion – Gold Bullion Ireland

We have a Gold and Silver products to suit every budget.

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