Biggest Gold Mines in the World 2020

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Biggest Gold Mines in The World.

We have put together a list of the 10 Biggest Gold Mines in the world, based on Gold output for the year 2020.

There is a slight variation regarding different lists from different sources, but the below definitely belong at the top of the list.

K = 1000

1.  Muruntau, Uzbekistan. 2000 k oz

The Muruntau mine is an open-pit mine facility based in Uzbekistan. This is major operation with a spread off 3.3km long and 2.5km wide and 600m deep as off 2020. It is owned and operated by the state controlled company Navoi. Estimates of production for the year 2020 are 2 million ounces of Gold. This mine is still very fresh and it estimated that it has the potential to produce 150 million ounces over the next few years. The mine is a major contributor the countries GDP with vast amount exported to Europe and Russia.

2.  Carlin, USA. 1665 k oz

Based in Nevada USA the Carlin mine has been in existence since 1965. This mine keeps on producing and covers an area the size of a city. Controlled by both Barrick and Carlins the mine is referred to as Carlin. Its primary reason for producing so much Gold is because of a unique geological feature know as the Carlin Trend. This mine stretches 56Km. In 2020 this mine produced 1.65 million ounces of Gold. Its production has slowed down by a small percentage over the last year mainly due to Covid and exploration.

3.  Olimpiada, Russia. 1200 k oz

Olimpiada is located in a region of Russia famous for Gold production. Operated by Polyus this Gold mine began producing Gold in 1996. Gold produced in this one mine accounts for over half the Gold Moscow holds. With a capacity to produce vast amounts of ore it three processing plants to recover the Gold from an estimated 13 million tonnes of ore annually.

4. Pueblo Viejo, Dominican Republic. 903 K oz

100km North west of the capital city of Santo Domingo is The Pueblo Viejo Mine. Another join venture Gold Mine with Barrick and Newmont this mine produced 9 million ounces of Gold last year. It went into commercial production in 2018 and the primary source of its Gold comes from Oxide deposits within Monte Negro and Moore.

5. Grasberg, Indonesia. 848 K oz

This mine also produces copper. based in the Papua province of Indonesia and controlled by Freeport -McMorans this Gold mine employs 30000 people. The mine was first discovered by a Dutch geologist who nick named it Ertsberg which translates to Ore Mountain. It is also one of the worlds highest Gold mines @ 4100 m above sea level. this mine is still in the top 10 however production is reducing annually from a peak production of 3.5 million ounces in 2001.

6. Cadia east, Australia. 823 K oz 

This underground mind is the largest Gold mine in Australia. It is made up of 2 mines, Cadia East and Ridgeway underground mine. It is owned and operated by Newcrest. Its Gold production for 2020 was put @ 8.23 Million Ounces of Gold.

7. Kibali, DRC. 808 K oz

It was impossible for an African country not to feature in the top 10. Another Barrick Gold Mine in conjunction with Anglo Gold. 10% of this facility is state owned. This mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo is situated 210 km from the Ugandan border. As with all these joint ventures and State partnerships. there will be plenty more Gold to come from this mine, having produced 8 million ounces in 2020 a very substantial contributor to the local economy.

8. Cortez, USA. 799 K oz

This is yet another large scale gold mining operation based in the state of Nevada USA. Based in Lander in Eureka County and 120 km south of Elko and as with other large facilities comprises of the South Pipeline which is are open pit mines and the Cortez Hills which is an underground and open pit mining operation. This is another Barrick Joint venture and Newmont. This mine is expected to contribute annually large reserves of Gold. The mine was started in 1969 and is estimated to hold 145 million ounces in reserves.

9. Lihir, Papua New Guinea. 772 K oz

This Gold mine based on the island is located 900 km from the capital Port Moresby and is in an area perfectly named New Ireland Province. Its large Gold deposits are found within an area called Luise Caldera and is an extinct Volcano that still produces Geothermal activity. Producing 7.7 million ounces in 2020 this mine will be here in the top 10 for a long time to come.

10. Loulo Gounkoto, Mali. 680 K oz

Barrick who control 80% of this facility along with the State of Mali who control 20% will be here for more years to come. Producing 6.8 million ounces this is a major contributor to the local economy. The vast majority of Gold produced her is exported to Global markets. It is located close to the border of Senegal and runs near the river Faleme.

Having compiled this list, Barrick Gold dominate these large mines through out the world.

Other Gold mines were mentioned compiling this list that deserve a place here equally that I will add in time.

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