8 Ways to Check if Gold is Real

Magnifying Glass


1. Hallmark

Most Gold products either Jewelry or an item of Gold, should have a Hallmark it. This gives an initial indication of the purity of the Gold. The Hallmark can be sometimes hard to find and is often not in an obvious location. It can also be quiet small so make sure you have a magnifying glass to help you. However this is an easy to process and is easily also applied to fake pieces. I will be doing a Blog later on relating to Hallmarks and what they mean,

2. Magnet Test

This should be one of the first tests conducted if you inspecting Gold, especially Jewelry. Real Gold is not magnetic so if you use a very strong magnet, there should be no magnetic pull. If there is a pull this is a sign that the piece is made up of additional metals. A lot of plated Gold jewelry will be magnetic due to its underlying base metals.

3. Water Float Test

Gold consists of a very dense material. It does not float. So if you drop it in to water it should sink straight away. But beware, that other metals are also very heavy and can sink also at a pace.

4. Vinegar Test

This test is an old one, but you can simply put a few drops of Vinegar on to the Gold piece that your testing and give it a few moments. If it is Gold it wont change color, if it does change color, its not Gold.

5. Visual Test

Gold is a soft metal and can be easily manipulated. So always check the piece for damage around the edges for ware and tear. The Gold piece should have no alterations in color. It should be Gold even with wear. If you see a different color, this possible means that is Gold plated.

6. Ceramic Stone Test

When dealers are testing Gold especially Jewellery, they use a Ceramic stone. They rub the piece on the stone till it leave a streak on it and cuts into the item. There should be only Gold color on the stone.

7. Acid Testing

Dealers need to be as confident as possible when appraising Gold. The majority of dealers use the Nitric Acid Test. It is a continuation of the Ceramic Stone Test. Once a scrape of Gold has been put on the Stone, dealers apply different strengths of Acid to check for the purity. When the correct Acid to match the purity of Gold has been applied it should de solve the Gold.

8. Bring to a Dealer

Gold dealers are here for this very reason. If you are in doubt or need advice, your local Gold Dealer should be able and willing to inspect your piece and give you their opinion.






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