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This weeks Blog is all about Silver, one of the most desired precious metals in the world along with Gold. We have put together some interesting facts about this shiny metal for your reading.

1. The chemical symbol for Silver is AG and is one of the elements that make up the periodic table.

2. Silver is found in the earths crust like Gold and Copper and is often found as an alloy of these 2 metals.

3. Silver is a precious metal and has been used for a 100s of years as a currency in the form of Bullion or Silver     Coin Bullion.

4. Silver is used for investment purposes but like other precious metals has many other uses such as in electronics, household items such as table wear and cutlery to Xray machines. It also holds some medicinal products and can be used a disinfectant and is used to treat warts.

5. Silver is a harder metal than Gold and is not as malleable as Gold.

6. Silver has been used to treat E Coli.

7. Silver has ben used to help people stop smoking.

8. Silver conducts electricity better than any other metal but due to its high cost is not used as much as copper for example.

9. Silver is more available in the world than Gold in a n alloy state but is less available in pure form.

10. Silver is very good at conducting heat.

11. 1 Ounce of Silver can be drawn into a wire 8000 Feet long.

12. Silver is mentioned in the bible more than 320 times.

13. For silver to be considered pure as part of an alloy , more than 90% must be Silver.

14. My favourite fact >> Silver Bullets have long been associated with science fiction in been able to kill Vampires and Villains alike. The lone ranger also used Silver bullets.

15. Nevada produces the most amount of Silver in the US.

16. Silver is the 2nd most invested in prehhcious metal in the world next to Gold in the form of either Bullion or Coins.

17. Stacking is phrase or term used by collectors and dealers alike to term Silver coin collecting.

18. The word Silver comes from the Anglo Saxon word “seolfor” for the element.

19. Silver is mainly produced in Mexico, China, Peru, Russia and Australia to name a few places.

20. silver coins where first used in Greece 400BC.

21. The French King in 845 AD paid the Vikings 7000 pounds of Silver to leave when they invaded.

I can actually keep adding to this for the day as there is literally 1000’s of facts about Silver online.

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